2020 Nepali cricketers Players salary

2020 Nepali cricketers Players salary

Those cricket players entitled to the facility have been categorized into ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ categories. The ‘A’ grade cricketers are paid Rs 35,000 per month; the ‘B’ grade players get Rs 25,000 per month while the players in ‘C’ grade are provided Rs 15,000 per month

Captain Paras Khadka, vice-captain Gyanendra Malla, Sharad Bheswakar, Basanta Regmi, Sompal Kami, Dipendra Singh Airee and Sandip Lamichhane and these players in ‘A’ category.

Arif Sheikh, Karan KC, Lalit Bhandari, Anil Kumar Shah, Rohit Poudel, Lalit Rajbanshi and Shakti Gauchan, the players in ‘B’ Category

Subash Khakurel, Sagar Pun, Dilip Nath, Sunil Dhamala, Susan Bhari, Pradeep Airee and Binod Bhandari, the player in ‘C’ Category

This is how much money do Nepal Cricket Players Earn from ICC in a monthly basis. Nepali Cricket Players are divided into 3 different groups as accordingly they are paid. For all information we highly recommend you watch the video until the very end!


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