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Every Blogger is expecting to create a brand of their site and the very basic need is to have an innovative and brandable blog name and that is what you can get from a blog name generator tool.

There are millions of ideas floating around, which can be your best choice but what if you are looking for one specific keyword?

If so then never miss reading this detailed guide, where we introduced the best 5 free blog name generator tools.

Branding any site can help you build the authority of your site as Google these days after a couple of changes in ranking algorithm mainly focusing on three prime factors.

  • expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

However, considering the expertise that comes with time, however, authoritativeness and trustworthiness are totally dependent on the content you are writing and branding your blog name.

In general, if referring to any blog post the brand comes from the domain name and it is obvious that each site name is the same as its domain name.

Here is my case, my site name is Mrvyasidea and the domain name is, why because I love to create authoritativeness or trustworthiness on name mrvyasidea.

If you are in a similar race of finding a good blog name then don’t miss any of the below-suggested blog name generator tools.

Why do we need Best Blog Name Generator?

All Helps

I thought you might be asking yourself how to find good blog name, is there any tool that can help you? Then the answer is yes.

Choosing a write blog name is very important when it comes to planning any blog.

Once you have created the authority of your site and in the middle of blogging if you are planning to change the blog name or domain name then you are making one of the worst decisions.

As in some cases, you may lose all the authority you have received in the market and even Google gets confused with the new identity you are planning to create.

Do remember, the blog name is closely related to the domain name and even domain name has different extensions such as:

  • gTLD (Global Top Level Domain)
  • ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain)

Now if you are confused about which domain extension you should buy then I advise you to look for a detailed guide on the importance of .com domain.

Let’s imagine you have any seed keyword ideas to create branding around the same then the below suggested tools will help you get more ideas on what possible combinations you can use for your blog name.
Let’s deep dive into each one of them and give you more detailed ideas.

Best Free Blog Name Generator Tools?

The idea behind using any of the below blog name generator tools is to break the boundaries of your thought process.

These tools take your seed keyword and try to place different combinations before or after the seed keyword.

If you like any suggested blog name then just click on the same, you will be given more detailed about that selected blog name.

Once you are done with the same as at the end of the guide, I will share some pro tips of blog name selection.

Lean Domain Search

I have found a lean domain search among the most popular domain name or blog name generator tool which searches for a seed keyword and will list all the possible trending blog names.

The best part with the lean domain search allows sorting the results based on:

  • Popularity
  • Length
  • Alphabaticles

In case of more detailed research or specific search criteria, you can also specify that you need your seed keyword at the beginning or end.

Here I searched for blog name ideas around seed keyword “Blogging” and you can see more than 3500 results with different combinations.

You can sort or filter them according to your need and once you decide with one blog name then the next part is to book domain with the same which is an even easier job.

Just click on your chosen blog name, let’s say I selected BloggingFinder and it will display the availability of extension, which you can further buy from any domain registrar.
These seem to be an easier process to find the right or best blog name and this tool will display only those names that are available to buy.

Nameboy – Blog Name Generator

Nameboy is among the most popular and oldest blog name generators or the domain name generator tool which can give you great ideas on domain names.

Many of the domain name generator tools like isitWP are powered by the NameBoy. The way to find the blog name ideas is similar to the other tools.

Just type seed keyword and hit search option, in our case let search again for “Blogging”.

Like the Lean domain search, it has no criteria to place any filter on search terms. But you have different options to explore your blog, website or any business brand name.


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