How to Create THUNKABLE app and earn money in Nepal.

How to Create THUNKABLE app and earn money in Nepal.

  Nowadays lots of people are trying to get success in the world of online work but they lose their hope when can’t get approval from the Advertisement Networks. Therefore people join this world with the great pleasure but unfortunately 30-40% people leave it considering it a toil or long time process to earn some money. It’s obviously true that nobody can be rich in this world within some days, it takes some time to reach you on a level. All the bloggers and others too know that in the world of online work Google Adsense is the best but getting an approved account is so much hard of it. Today I am going to tell you about an another service of Google by which everyone can make money from the Google Ads. Its approval is fast & quick and making money starts from the same day. Isn’t it a good way to earn ?

You will earn definitely earn from Google Ads but I am not talking about Google Adsense, it’s AdMob that is another service of Google that serves Google Ads on the applications (apk file). So, as you have known that this service is available to work on the apps created by app developers. There are many sites those allow apps developing in both mode free and paid. The method I’ll be sharing with you is always free.

How to create an App with Thunkable ? is a website that allows to create apps at no cost and it works on both Phone and PC that’s good for Android users. If you open then you will create your app successfully but can’t place AdMob Ads because there will be no option to place Ads. Lots of users face this problem and ask on the website and their friends, they got different-different answers but I will share my working experience with you. You have to open the beta version of this site that is and you will see the same interface and then start creating an app by clicking Create New App. 
Steps to create new app  :-

* Create New App

* App Name

 * Click on App Name

* Uncheck Title visible option

* Drag the buttons to the mobile screen showing on the webpage

* Customize buttons as you wish using properties

* Click any button in the mobile screen showing on the webpage

* Add screen and rename if you want

* Drag image option using User interface

* Upload image file

* Click on Blocks

* Click on Button 1

* Click on when button 1 click

* Click on control

* Put up open another screen and join with when button1 click

* Click on Text

* Click the topmost icon and set with open with another screen, name that screen that you added

* Click on Experimental

 * Click on AdMob Banner or AdMob Interstitial

* Enter/Paste Ad unit ID that you generated

* Click on Export

* App (save apk to my computer)➡ Install it and then use how it looks like and make sure Ads are showing or not.
If you didn’t understand it all properly you will see a video link here shortly so that you can do all things rightly.
Always keep in mind you can share or upload your app anywhere to make money but cannot click your own Ads otherwise your account maybe disable or suspend. I would like to suggest you that don’t cheat Google using VPNs because Google is not that what you estimate. Google can detect your every activity whether you are a hacker because that is the father of hackers. Search anyone in your community who earned and got payment from Google using tricks, hope that you can’t find. You will be get paid for every click but maintain the CTR that should not cross 10%. When you will earn $10 you will be sent a pin verification letter to your registered address and after reaching the payment threshold that is $100 you can ask for payment via wire-transfer or cheque. Google says to ask for the payment after 22 of every month. You will definitely get money if you earned honestly.
Hope it helped you, let me know your experience, queries and suggestions in the comments. Take Care of yourself..

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