Download New Nepali Horhor Movie 2019 Ghar Recha Sharma Arpana Thapa And Asmita Khanal

Download New Nepali Horhor Movie 2019 Ghar Recha Sharma Arpana Thapa And Asmita Khanal

Ghar Movie Review Rating: 2.5 /5 (Two and a half stars)

Star Cast: Arpan Thapa, Surakshya Panta, Benisha Hamal, Asmita Khanal, Saroj Aryal, Shristi Maharjan, Bikash Khanal

Director: Arpan Thapa

What’s Good: Surakshya and Benisha’s fantastic performance, chilling horror and the length of the movie.

What’s Bad: It is definitely a horror movie but it would have been better if there were more story building scenes than only horror scenes.

Watch or Not: Watch it for a new taste of horror in the Nepali film industry.

As suggested by the title, ‘Ghar’ revolves around a story of a haunted house. Arpan and Surakshya are a couple who wants to buy a dream house. In the process, they happen to buy the haunted house. And Ghar shows the consequences Surakshya and Benisha (Surakshya’s cousin) faces in the house in 2 days.

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Ghar Movie Review: Script Analysis

As the story of the movie is not complete & 2nd part is yet to arrive, it would be completely wrong to judge the script right now. But at the pre-judging also, the story by Arpan Thapa keeps you hooked in the movie.

For the 1st part, the story is well-kept and with a tinge of suspense, it is gripping in parts. The only problem is that Ghar relies on the same old tricks we have seen in other movies. Nothing much that gives you a new haunting experience.

Ghar Movie Review: Star Performance

Surakshya Panta has been proving her acting skills with every new film. Be it glamorous dance on Changa Chet or opportunist on Gopi, she has been nailing every role.
In the movie Ghar also she has done a fantastic job as a haunted victim. Though I personally felt, only if she had worked more on her expressions in a few scenes. Otherwise, her performance in the movie is top-notch.

Benisha Hamal proves why she deserves the best actor award from the government. Her performance as a jealous cousin and a haunted victim is very much convincing. Her expressions when she is scared and when she is helpless are good. Benisha acts naturally.

Arpan Thapa has very few scenes in the movie. His performance is yet to come in the 2nd part.

Ghar Movie Review: Direction

After Sunkesari, Ghar is Arpan’s second attempt in the horror genre. And with this movie, he seems to bring back the trust of Nepali audience for the genre. 
His direction is good. But the only problem is, it would have been better if he had introduced some fresh scary elements in the film rather than the same old practices.
 The editing of the movie is also fine.

Ghar Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Ghar is surely a better horror movie ever made in NepalDon’t keep any expectations before watching the movie, just go and watch.A satisfying watch for those who are lovers of this genre.


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