Free domain free hosting approved adsense within 3 hours tricks.

Free domain free hosting approved adsense within 3 hours tricks.

If you are searching to earn from free website , hosting using adsense you are in the correct place. If you are simple blogger or have concept of blogging then you can easily earn from adsense . Otherwise i am here to guide you . please read carefully in order to know ho it works. so, here are the few steps;

  1. first of all you need to have register domain. If you are from nepal go to if you are from outside the countries follow this link
  2. If you have registered The domain name or you already have then you should now know about hosting. To host the domain name you registered go to
  3. If you have hosted the domain name then you should know about script which is heart of website. now add wordpress themes or any free themes and make it attractive as possible.
  4. If you have choosen attractive themes now the last work remained is content writing. There are some thing to remember before content writing some of them are:
  • Each content should be atleast 500-1000 words, Lesser the words adsense willnot approve your site
  • Your website should have Privacy policy , Contact us, Terms and condition pages, otherwise adsense decline your request.
  • Each and every content should be unique, Google will Disable your account if you use others content i.e copyright content.
  • use images to make content more attractive.

5. If you have written enough content (25-50) then you are near to adsense approval.

6.Now request for adsense review, If you have followed all above instructions then your adsense will be approved within 3 hours. For the article please click once to any ads displayed.

If you Have any questions or need any help comment below or message me on facebook;

Thank You!


3 thoughts on “Free domain free hosting approved adsense within 3 hours tricks.

    1. Your site is not eligible for adsense approval, You have to post atleast 25 content with 300-500 words and should not have used local language.

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