How to earn NTC, Ncell, smart recharge daily just by refer?

How to earn NTC, Ncell, smart recharge daily just by refer?

Do you want to earn daily recharge cards just by referring?

if so then you are in right place.

Follow the following steps to earn recharge cards daily:


Dent is online referring android application which can be used to earn daily recharge mobile topup and data topup. In Nepal only recharge topup is available . It is available for NTC,NCELL,Smart Cell and SKY cell. In this platform the more you refer the more you earn . So install and try as fast as you can.

1. First of all download dent app from playstore.

2. Donot use others refer links. If you use the others refers link then the other will earn rather than you.

3. after downloading, signup using your phone number.

4. you will get some bonus dents.

5.Now refer other friends and earn recharge cards. You can earn upto 2000 ntc recharge per day.

6. Donot use same phone to multiple signup. it may bann your dent account and lost all the dents.

7. Refer as much as you can.

Thank you for comming here for useful knowledge about online earnings. You check more posts related to online earning. If you have any problem and complaints please contact me or simply comment below…….!

Reward Redemption for referral:

Referral redemption shall be as follows :-

  • INR 2000 for one referral
  • INR 5000 for two referrals
  • INR 8000 for three referrals
  • INR 12000 for four referrals
  • INR 18000 for five referrals


I am existing customer of Nulearn, can i refer my friends ?

I am not an existing customer; can I still refer someone?

How will I get my referral amount?


  • Referral amount is non-transferable.
  • The mode of payment is subject to change, without notice. This change might occur due to market conditions, providers, price changes, errors in advertisements, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • No responsibility will be taken by (Nulearn) Human Racers Advisory Pvt. Ltd. for Referral Submissions that are illegible, lost, misdirected, improperly recorded or not received for any other reason.
  • In case of any fraudulent use of the program, the company holds rights to withdraw the referral without notice.
  • Human Racers Advisory Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to terminate and/or modify this offer at any time without prior notice.
  • The information gathered will be confidential and it will never be sold, exchanged or disclosed to any third party for marketing purposes.
  • The referral amount shall be paid as soon as the referee submits the second installment.

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