How to make free .tk Domain?

How to make free .tk Domain?

Totally Free Website

Greetings, and welcome to the Totally Free Website. So chances are you might have a general idea as to what the site’s all about. Wikipedia sheds light on the necessity of an actual free website according to their Free Service comparison table. Because just as the name sounds this site was created for 100% Free. It was difficult to figure out this method so I’m sharing it to make it easier for everyone!

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They Call Me The White Trash Web Developer

Because I definitely can show you how to stretch even the smallest of budgets when it comes to web design! This website here that will be live for 365 days from the date launched, costed $0!

So what Exactly does my Totally Free Website include?

SSL Encryption

Branded Email

Root Domain

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption is essential to ensure that a connection between your visitor and your website is secure! This is especially crucial if the website you are designing is intended to sell products on your website! Because the last thing you want is you or your customer’s security compromised during transactions!

Branded Email

When it comes to any type of marketing campaigns you definitely want Branded Email so it looks professional! By having a custom email address with your personalized website for a suffix, it makes it so much easier for clients to reach you!

Root Domain

Most free websites will be limited to a subdomain, so by using my method you’ll actually get a top level Domain! The great think is, Tokelau domains can choose the United States for Demo graph. Most country code suffix domains are limited specifically to their countries of origin.

What Are The Negatives Of TK Website?

There are a couple negatives to a Totally Free Website so you may want to go with a dot com. Because a portfolio page such as Carbonmade never expires, it gives it a slight edge in terms free. It’s true the Tokelau domain is completely free for for the first year.

What is a TK domain anyways?

You’ve got to hand it to this Holland Amsterdam Resident! While the rest of the world was busy using their conman skills to swindle barrels of oil, Joost Zuurbier was taking tropical islander’s for digital properties in the form of suffix country code domains LOL!

At the time he secured the deal, he had to play diplomat for islanders unaware of the value they possessed nor knowledge of the internet, then reason with the ICANN registry to stupid to know that Tokelau was a country (Obviously with the internet in front of them haha!

It was all worth it in the end! Because today, TK is the largest country cold holder of domains, surpassing even China!

So essentially anyone can get free registrars for a year, but after a year you have to pay just like any other domain lease. Because you gotta pay on a Com anyways, if you can get the first year for a dollar promotion it’s worth it!

Furthermore if you intend to rank in a very difficult keyword, it may take you close to a year just to do it. So if you’re in it for the long haul, you might buying DNS versus a Totally Free Website.


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