How to play PUBG mobile on pc with 1GB RAM?

How to play PUBG mobile on pc with 1GB RAM?

PUBG mobile is a one of the populay games that everybody wants to play . PUBG is also a addiction so dont play more.

Want to play pubg on low memory devices like 1GB?

if so then you are right place.

Follow the below steps:

  1. first of all download bluestacks in your pc. Bluestacks is a android emulator for your pc, which runs all android apps.
  2. setup bluestacks with your gmail.
  3. download pubg mobile from play store in bluestacks.
  4. if not downloading go to bluestacks settings and increase storage.
  5. after installing play PUBG mobile smoothly on your pc.

Note: This is applicable only when you have strong wifi connection to your pc and there is no gurantee that every pc will run on low memory devices.

Why PUBG is a fail, just like DayZ and many other mods which went standaloneSo, no doubt the idea is great and the mod for ArmA 3 was awesome, but just like DayZ standalone, this standalone release was a big fail, even it has many players and many sales, but this does not hide the bad things of this game.

– No singleplayer/Bots. For ArmA 3, there exist a version which contain SP/Bots support, and it is awesome. But even if the devs would add it, it would be half♥♥♥♥♥♥♥just like many things in current game. Reason for bots/SP: Server problems, and there we come to the next point.

– Server problems. This game is pure MP and require permanent Internet connection, its okay. But the server problems are annoying, and appear very often.

– FirstPerson/ThirdPerson: First of all, the First Person mode feels very fake. And if you are in a building, especially in the stairs in First Person, you feel like you have no place because either the First Person isnt really a First Person, but a third person just the view camera moved to the head, or the Buildings and stairs are just too small modeled. In first person in stairs you cant fight, because your gun has no place and is blocked by walls. Second, Third Person doesnt belong to this game and ruins many aspects.

– Soundsystem in the game is very bad. In the lobby before the game starts, i had a guy in front of me walking, and the walking sounds were BEHIND ME. A friend of mine confirmed it. Even when the guy walked 20 meter away, the sound was behind me and not only that, the sound was the same as if the guy walked 1 meter in front of me. This explains also why the gunfire sounds come from the opposite direction when you die and the camera is above you. When i died from a guy who was left and shot me, the sounds came from right direction and i asked myself if it was this guy who killed me or another from opposite direction. Now i have the answer: it was the guy from the left direction but the soundsystem in this game is broken which makes the gunfire sounds come from right direction IN THE MOMENT when you die and the camera is above your body.

– Game is not optimized, even players with high end rig have problems. I have to be fair, my notebook is not the best, but im not talking only about myself, but with friends who bought high end gaming rigs with I7, GTX 1080, 32 GB RAM etc… and you know what? the engine the devs took for this game is simply not optimized for such large maps, and if the engine is optimized for such a large scale game with such large maps, then the devs do not use the full power of the engine. See for example SQUAD, even they have problems and theyr maps are not large as in this game.

– Many cheaters/hackers. Community knows about it.

– Awful bugs. For example: today i was in a house and the red zone appeared… and didnt dissappeared. The bombs went off, the red zone was still there, the explosion stopped, 10 seconds later they appeared again. Whats the point of the red zone anyway?

– Movement in this game feel clunky. Be careful when you playing the desert map and you go down the stairs on the unfinished buildings, especially the one in the large town where the fallen crane is. With this fake First Person and clunky movement, you have a problem to go up/down the stairs in the game.

– Maps are very bad made. Some places on the roads, side roads and ground are not smooth, but so edgy, that you damage your car when driving on the road and suddenly you have a car crash and your car almost explode. Another problem on the maps are flying objects. These can be used by players as bugusing. For example flying car or flying bush, you can hide under them and other players have a hard time finding out from where bullets come. There are also some models that are not properly modeled so you can look through them.

Thank you!

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