Kechana bazar, a platform to sell second hands

Kechana bazar, a platform to sell second hands

Do you want to sell anything? or are you looking for something which is already used? Do you have any service or business that you want to Promote or advertise?
If yes there is a new platform. Kechenabazar.  This is the online exchange platform where you can put the advertisement of your used item. If you have a motorcycle to sell and you are not getting the customer who will buy it. Don’t worry, You have a place where you can post it. Just open the website and publish your listing. The one who is looking for a motorcycle will check the post and contact you and he will come to you just negotiate and sell it. The good thing of this website is Posting the advertisement is FREE of COST.
It does not matter who you are if you are a student, teacher, business person, employee, unemployed person, or government employee. You are always welcome to this platform, if you have something just write it. If you need something just read it. Not Shout person to person, just be wise and do it in smart way. If you have a mobile just don’t use it as a camera, phone, or social messenger. It is your tool, if you are wise to use it. You can even buy a vegetable even without using the cash and sitting on the arm chair. If you think mobile p

hone will make people lazy you are wrong. Yes it’s true if you use your mobile phone you don’t need to go here and there, you will not meet the people. That doesn’t mean you will sleep on bed and do these all activity . Just utilize your phone and move further. Which time you will save use it for productive purpose.

Suppose, I have a business of internet. I am sitting on my chair and use the internet full day. I need to sell my old Computer what will I do? I will just open the Kechenabazar and post my ad, I will give my information and who ever need they will visit me. If I am satisfied I will sell. If I need to hire a employee I will post it in the kechenabazar, who ever are interested they will come to me. I will select them. If I need to write any announcement I will post it. See guys. When I am posting my ad, I don’t have to talk person to person. I just post it hardly investing my 10 minute but I will save the time to talk a lot of person, I don’t have to waste my energy to explain person to person. Rather than that I can use my time to do some activity on internet. Or else I can go somewhere with my family or if no thing at least I can sleep for rest.

No one reads the post you share for sale, because when they use Facebook they chat people to whom they like, they will read the meme, they just see the sexy photos of girls or read the news but your goods have nothing to do if they don’t need. You don’t have to irritate those people who are not interested. Be wise guys Work smartly.


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