Make payoneer account and order MasterCard in Nepal for free.

Make payoneer account and order MasterCard in Nepal for free.

Do you want free international MasterCard?

If so, Payoneer should be one of the best options for you.

Payoneer is designed to make the e-commerce payment service easier which was established in 2005.

The headquarter of the Payoneer is in New York, United States. With its global service, you can make international as well as local transaction easily.

The users can deposit the amount in the bank account and withdraw from the ATM machine nearby them so it has been popular among them. The company has more than 3 million users worldwide.

Here are few steps to make payoneer account and order free payoneer master card in Nepal.

To get this Free MasterCard in Nepal and on your doors you need to follow these steps:

  • Create account with this link (Link Below in NOTE)
  • Fill up the form with your address in this Format:
    1. Street Address: House Number XX
    2. 2nd Street Address: (Name of your Tole) – (Ward number) [example : Ram Tole – 9]
    3. Name of the city you live in. [example: Pokhara, Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Dharan, etc]
    4. Postal/Zip code: 00977
    5. And provide them you phone number

(For address you must provide valid address recognized by Post office, address in the house number Plate provided by Municipality must be used)

  • Fill all necessary information with genuine answers.
  • DO NOT check the ‘Shipping address different than home address’ unless you have PO Box Number where card be delivered.
  • Check e-mail for further information required by Payoneer like a photo ID issued by government which can be your license, your citizenship written in Nepali will also work. After uploading your document you will be activated for Direct US payment Service.
mastercard in Nepal

NOTE: Payoneer take annual account maintenance fee about $30, If you join Payoneer with the following link provided below you will get $25 as bonus which will make your first annual account maintenance cost just $5, else you will be charged $30. So, to be in profit in the first year you must create your Payoneer Account with this specific link Apply HERE. If you did not receive Card then you must live chat with Payoneer and request a for a new card.


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