Top cloud hosting unmanaged VPS SSD with cheap price.

Top cloud hosting unmanaged VPS SSD with cheap price.

If you are a web developer, application developer or one that has just outgrown the little resources that comes with shared hosting, an Unmanaged VPS SSD hosting can save the day for you.

This is because they are cheaper, faster (without bloated Cpanel plugins), and can be managed easily with any of these free web management tools.

Since today’s list is huge, we are going to separate the best and high-speedoptions from the untested ones. In a glace, here are the top best Unmanaged VPS SSD hosting companies that are fast, cheap, and reliable.

1VultrVisit Vultr
2Digital OceanVisit Digital Ocean
3LinodeVisit Linode
4Cloud ConeVisit Cloud Cone
5StableHostVisit StableHost
6InterserverVisit Interserver
8RamnodeVisit Ramnode
9VPSnetVisit VPSnet
10BuyVMBuyVM Intro
11SSD NodesSSD Nodes Intro
12VPSserverVPSserver Intro
13ScalewayScaleway Intro
14LeaseWebLeaseWeb Intro
15VPSCheapVPSCheap Intro

Content Outline:

Top 7 Cheapest Unmanaged VPS Hosting Companies that’s Really Fast

time to first byte testing


This is the most important section of this article as they include – hosts that’s been rigorously tested for speed, performance, and excellent server response. The tools used for testing would be discussed in details for your learning.

The tools used?

Since these Unmanaged VPS hosting providers are well popular, I decided to get some websites that are hosted on their servers. For some I couldn’t get, I bought an entry-level plan to get an IP address to test them with.

For the records; I bought the entry-level plans from Cloudcone, Vultr, Digital Ocean 2GB and few from other Unmanaged VPS hosting providers.

Now that I have a handful of IP addresses in my arsenal, I went for the real deal with only these few providers coming atop.

unmanaged VPS SSD server ping testing


For the latency test, I used the free services of CloudHarmony to get a detailed insight for listed providers. For unlisted providers, I used CMD, free Ping tools (like this one), and other VPS testing services to test for: Time to first byte (TTFB), server response and the overall performance of the VPS server.

All in all, the test(s) was worth the time as it helped me to filter these providers from the rest.

Vultr Unmanaged SSD VPS Servers

(Get $50 Vultr hosting credit here)

Vultr cloud ssd VPS hosting review


With 15 data-centers strategically placed around the globe, Vultr offers the best value for money as long as unmanaged VPS hosting is concerned.

There’s a data center in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Chicago, New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Vultr servers give 100% root access, is configured with 100% Intel Cores and comes with Infinite OS combinations. Their starting plan of $2.5/month for a 20GB SSD VPS is definitely a great bargain for young developers, students, and digital marketing trainees.ALSO READHow to Use Bitvise SSH/SFTP Client on Mac OS and Linux Devices

For more… See Vultr’s Homepage

Digital Ocean Cloud Servers

(Click here to get $100 Digital Ocean hosting credit)

digital ocean data centers


Digital ocean is the second unmanaged VPS hosting provider to consider for your big projects. It has 12 solid data centers and comes with SSD for all droplets.

For the tests: It was a very close call between Linode and Digital Ocean, but we settled for DO by looking at the excellent price point. For most server locations, Linode performed better while Digital ocean did very well in our latency tests.

digital ocean unmanaged SSD VPS pricing


The $15/month droplet offering: 2 vCPUs, 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD and 3TB bandwidth comes atop the pricing plans with best value for bloggers and internet marketers.

For more… See Digital Ocean Homepage

Linode Unmanaged VPS SSD Servers

Linode VPS pricing


Linode is no mean name among the top unmanaged VPS hosting providers. They have 9 data centers with a physical presence in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Their cheapest VPS plan comes at $5/month with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 20GB SSD and 1TB monthly transfer. Linode VPS works well with WordPress and can be combined with cloudflare network for a better DDos protection.

See all features at

Cloud Cone VPS

CloudCone unmanaged VPS hosting review


Cloud cone is a VPS hosting company that lets users enjoy free DDoS protection service irrespective of the plan subscribed to. Their cheapest server configuration is priced at $2.6/month while 16GB memory plan goes for $69.99/month.

There’s a specialized managed WordPress hosting option for an additional $10/month. This add-on comes with assisted migration for existing websites.

Click to Sign up for a free account at

StableHost Unmanaged VPS Hosting

We are pleasantly surprised with the performance of StableHost’s VPS servers, hence the mention in this publication. StableHost VPS server is priced higher than the earlier options but comes with better technical support.

Users on Stablehost’s unmanaged VPS hosting plans can install any operating system of their choice as it uses KVM and Virtuozzo technology. There are only 3 data centers with StableHost SSD VPS. To wit: Amsterdam, Chicago, and Phoenix.

New users of StableHost services can use stableunvps coupon code to get a 40% Off discount on any of their unmanaged VPS hosting plans.

Click to Visit StableHost’s Homepage

Interserver VPS

With a starting plan of $6/month, Interserver VPS is a solid option for bloggers and App developers. It comes with a decent-enough control panel and very flexible software options.

Users can choose between New York (Equinix NY4), New Jersey and Los Angeles data centers. There’s full support for KVM Linux, KVM Windows, and OpenVZ technology on Interserver.

Check out Interserver VPS slices at


With a starting plan of just $3.35/month for VPS SSD, OVH has established itself as one of the finest unmanaged VPS providers from Europe.

OVH VPS SSD users can scale up their servers at any time and also get access to industry-standard Anti-DDoS protection at no extra cost.

The uptime guarantee of 99.95%, OpenStack KVM technology support, and the generous resources for their entry-level plan makes them a formidable option for top best unmanaged VPS hosting companies of 2018.

Click to check out OVH’s VPS Offerings

Other Really Cheap Unmanaged SSD VPS Hosting Option for Businesses

This section includes tested and non-tested unmanaged VPS hosting companies. Some were tested, but didn’t make the cut above, while the rest were tried/suggested by our in-house editors.ALSO READArvixe Hosting Review: Why We No Longer Recommend their Services

Although the pricing point of most of these cloud hosts seems interesting, it is important to take note of the difference between OpenVZ and KVM technology. While OpenVZ (or Virtuozzo) does not give your processes the full amount of allocated resources due to overhead, KVM or XEN does so.

All in all, these VPS option is great for small businesses, development environment, hosting digital marketing applets, short-term servers, and remote communication tools.

8 RamNode VPS

RamNode unmanaged VPS Pricing


RamNode VPS is powered by RAID10 SSD storage drives and has support for both OpenVZ and KVM Virtualization technology. There are multiple data centers to choose from and free SolusVM control panel system for every server plan.

Their lowest KVM plan costs $3/month while that of OpenVZ is $3.5/month. Each of their VPS plans comes with a 3 days money-back guarantee for new customers.

9. is among the only VPS hosting companies that can boast of more than 20 data center locations. There’s a total of 24 data-centers across five continents.

USA, Canada, Brazil, India, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Singapore, Japan, and Australia are the countries with cloud presence.

Their cheapest VPS hosting plan is priced at $5/month while the highest is $192/month. There are both phones and live chat support for each of their hosting plans.


10. BuyVM OpenVZ/KVM VPS

Like RamNode, BuyVM servers is powered by RAID-10 SSD storage drives and uses both OpenVZ and KVM virtualization technology.

Their cheapest OpenVZ VPS hosting plan is capped at $15/year while their KVM VPS hosting plan is $3.5/month. VPNs and tunneling protocol(s) work well with their OpenVZ server hosting plans.


11 SSD Nodes

We tried ssdnodes VPS for a few days and was really impressed with the overall server performance. Their VPS servers have support for Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. There’s also a 14 days money-back guarantee for new customers.


12. cloud data center is available in the US, Europe, and Asia. Their server is powered by 100% pure SSD drives with global DDoS protection.

Their cheapest KVM VPS hosting plan is $4.99/month, and Popular VPN protocol is supported in all of KVM/SSD VPS hosting plans.


13. Scaleway VPS

Scaleway is very popular among European users. They offer cheap and highly affordable VPS hosting with a starting plan of €1.99 (or $2.36)/month for 1GB Ram, 25GB pure SSD drive.

scaleway VPS hosting review


Scaleway VPS hosting plan includes Pure SSD VPS hosting, ARMv8 SSD Cloud and BareMetal performance hosting. Their plans are highly scalable with built-in support for Hot-Snapshots.


14. LeaseWeb VPS

Leaseweb VPS servers are built on a fully redundant platform with built-in support for DDoS protection. They have data-centers in Europe, Asia, the US, and Australia.

LeaseWeb cheapest VPS SSD plan is priced at €4.95(or $5.86)/month while their 8GB vRAM plan is kept at €29.40/month (or $34.84).


15. is the last in our list today. We had other options including cheap VPS services from,,, and, but settled for that of All thanks to the honest contributions from our fans and in-house editors.ALSO READ18 of the Best Truly Managed WordPress Hosting Services

So far, the VPS offerings from is mouth-watering as their lowest plan is billed for only $28/year. Their VPS plans are unmetered which means unlimited* data transfer monthly.

With VPS, you’ll get: full root access, free IPv6 connectivity, DNS management and 30 days money back guarantee.


Top Best VPS Management Tools (Free/Paid Options)

Apart from Cloudcone and StableHost that has some sort of management plans with their unmanaged VPS servers, the large chunk of unmanaged VPS providers out there either charge exorbitantly for management or comes with none of it.

Irrespective of your VPS provider’s management options, these tools/services would help you manage your raw VPS servers with little to no bloat.

Free VPS Server Management Tools

GridPane VPS Manager for WordPress Review


  • GridPane: This free VPS management tool lets you host up to 3 websites on a single server without paying a dime. It comes with a built-in SSL certificate and offers low priority ticket support. In fact, it is one of the few SaaS hosting control panel with support for One-Click WordPress Staging. All in all, Gridpane is a robust VPS management platform with support for all unmanaged VPS hosting companies that offer VPS servers with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
  • ServerPilot: Serverpilot, unlike GridPane, isn’t limited to WordPress management alone. With Serverpilot, you can manage PHP apps built on Laravel, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla or anything else. The free plan gives you access to unlimited server management, unlimited websites, API and one SSH/SFTP user access.
  • Webinoly: Webinoly is an advanced SaaS hosting control panel for those that are very comfortable with CLI and SSH commands. It loads Nginx server for you FREE and lets you use Let’s Encrypt, HTTP/2, MariaDB, FastCgi and Redis Object Cache for your WordPress powered sites.
  • Easyengine: Easyengine is the last option for the free section. It lets you run WordPress on a highly optimized Nginx server with support for HTTP/2 and HTTPS.

Paid VPS Server Management Tools

CloudWays hosting review


  • CloudWays: If there’s any reason to opt for a paid VPS management tool, then cloudways is the right one to go for. It is faster, cheaper and with little to no bottleneck when compared with similar services. Everything from backups, staging, UPscalling, SSL, Caching, CDN and etc. can be enabled in just a few clicks.
  • RunCloud: runcloud is a premium only PHP cloud server management tool. It can come in handy for managing self-managed VPS servers. Their official website is seated at
  • Cloudron: cloudron is another PHP cloud VPS server management panel with premium only plans. Their official website is
  • is available for paid users only. Their pricing plan starts from $15/month, and their website is seated at

Wrap Up:

These are the cheapest unmanaged VPS servers for bloggers, app developers, freelancers, and business agencies. We’ll update them from time to time and would let you know once there’s another really fast VPS hosting provider.

Have you used a really fast unmanaged VPS server you’d like us to know about? Please do share your experiences with us in the comments section below.


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