What is E-Sim? How to use It? Is it available in Nepal?

With new and new innovations in mobile technology, we are grateful to witness those new and exciting features and functionality. Smartphones are getting thinner, holeless, portless, bezel-less and many more. One of the new innovations is eSim. With the concept and functionality of eSim, we need to physically connect to our telecommunication network on the SIM card and sim card tray. Well, like 5G, eSim is in the testing phase with many countries helping Telecom Network Operators. In Nepal, there is no news of this eSim services. We do have people with smartphones that support eSim but telecom operators are yet to launch this much-awaited service of eSim in Nepal.

What is E-Sim? How to use It? Is it available in Nepal?

Apple was one of the first manufacturers to start using an eSIM. The Apple SIM was introduced in iPads in the United States. They continue the same concept of eSim in iPhones Xs Max and Xs last year.

What is eSim, and how does it work?

An eSIM is a SIM card that is installed in the cell phone. The SIM stores all data that is important to recognize and verify the portable mobile network. An eSIM will come as a coordinated SIM chip that cannot and will not be expelled from a gadget. The eSIM is at times called an eUICC (embedded Inserted Universal Circuit Card). The data on the eSIM will be agreeable and rewritable by all administrators. Another SIM will never be required again.

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To activate the eSim, you just need to contact the mobile carrier you want to use. Makers and administrators will now be able to empower customers to choose their preferred administrator and then safely download the administrator’s SIM application to any gadget.

Is it available in Nepal?

eSIM now enables users to store multiple administrator profiles on a gadget, while switching between them remotely, although only a single can be used at once.


  • IoT (Internet of Things) will expand with this concept.
  • The user can easily switch between mobile networks.
  • Easy to use without insertion and ejection of physical sim.


  • Support of eSim is still available in many countries in the world

eSim in Nepal?

We are sorry to inform you that the services of eSim are not available in Nepal. As new smartphones are welcoming the concept of eSim, we request that telecommunication providers in Nepal provide the service. As we recently witnessed the fact that Chaudhary Group is going to launch CG Telecom in Nepal and CG Telecom had a collaboration with Huawei for 4G services. Nepal Telecom, Ncell, SmartCell have already conquered the Nepali market. So, CG Telecom must come up with something new in the nation to get the user’s attraction. Hopefully, they will be providing the service of eSim for the first time in Nepal.


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