How to Disable Auto Ads in AdSense Appearing in Footer & Header

How to Disable Auto Ads in AdSense Appearing in Footer & Header

Google AdSense has a easy way to add ads in website using Auto Ads. It is easy because you only have to put a single code snippet in your header and Auto Ads automatically starts showing ads in your website in relevant place. However Auto Ads also has some disadvantages and it may hurt SEO of your website. Auto Ads in AdSense displays ads in all the sections of a website, like in footer and header and ads may appear anywhere in the website. Having ads in footer and header looks bad and may also make negative impact to your visitors. So here is a little approach on disabling Auto Ads appearing in header and footer of a website.

In Auto Ads in-article ads shows ads in the content/article section. In-article ads work good and have no problem with it so we will disable all in-page ads except in-article ads from Auto Ads. We let Auto Ads work on in-article ads and we will manage other ads as our need and choice.

Go to Auto Ads and click on pencil icon in right site.


Disable all in-page ads except in-article ads from Auto Ads. You can enable/disable overlay-ads as your choice.

autoads section

Now Auto Ads in AdSense only shows ads in the article/content section. To add ads in sidebar or any other section in the website create Ad Unit of your choice and add the code snippet in Custom HTML widget in your sidebar.

To create a new Ad Unit go to Ad Units and click on +New Ad Unit.


If you need Text & Display ads in your sidebar, select Text & Display Ads and customize ads according to your choice.

text & display ads

It is also advised to create a custom channel to improve the ads quality advertiser sends to you. After that click on Save and Get Code to get the code snippet.

create ad unit
adunit code snippet

Copy this code snippet and add to sidebar of your website through Custom HTML widget in Customize.

adunit widget

You can repeat the same process for ads in multiple place in your website. If have any problem or idea on this let me know through comment below.


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