How to Send a Private Message on Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social media app currently having 2 Billion active users worldwide and the best source for digital marketing or customer interactions for your products and services by sending private messages, so How to Send a Private Message on Facebook?

Many small and large scale companies are using Facebook fan pages or groups or personal pages to grow their business and to get this to a new height.

As an owner of the business, you can request people to join your page and that audience you can later use for marketing purposes by connecting them personally.

Like Google Ad campaign, Facebook marketing is among the top most popular choice to increase the conversation rate of sales, you know how can you double this?

That is by simply connecting your user or customers in person and it is obvious that you have many sources to connect with them but yes the Facebook message will always be there.

This guide is to highlight all the possible ways on how to send a private message on Facebook to your friends or family or your business customers for free.

These days, it is recommended for every individual small business user to have a Facebook Page which must follow some basic standard which attracts the customers and explain your business itself.

If you are looking to open a Facebook Busines page here is all your must-have to follow.

Now comes the way on how you can send a private message on Facebook and later will also discuss the other helpful tips which can really help for future communication.

How to Send a Private Message on Facebook

Sending a private message can be done in many ways and it varies for both mobile and desktop users as Facebook Won’t allow sending any message using Facebook mobile app.

For the same reason, you must have a Facebook messenger which works best like your WhatsApp messenger and you can send the private message immediately.

Let me drill down the steps required to send Private message using Facebook WebApp or on your desktop.

Send Private Message on Desktop Facebook Profile
There are various ways to do so with an existing friend or maybe the one who is not already in your friend list.

.First Login to Facebook Profile using the credentials.
If you are already a friend of one to whom you want to send the message then go to your friend list by navigating Home -> Friends and here clicks to Friends.

After Clicking Friends you will have all Friends list and you need to search for the one to whom you want to send the message.

Click on The person Name Profile and you will be navigated to your friend’s personal profile home page.
There will be an icon of Message in Top Right User profile section as displayed below so just click to that. Sending Message to Friend
Click on the message icon and you will be prompted to the personal Chat Window on your Facebook web desktop screen. Facebook Chat Window for sending private message
Here the Hidden content is the name of your Friend and simply in this chatting window, you can type and start a private conversation with your friend.
It allows sending images, Emojis, files in attachment and thumbs up for like a short message.

Above was the case but what if that person is not part of your friend list then there is another way to go for it.

. Go to your home page and click search box if it will be on your Facebook top left corner edit box. Facebook Search Edit Box for finding friends profile
Provide the name of the person you want to contact, let’s say I typed “Sachin Tendulkar” and click on search button or enter on the keyboard.
It will display all list of pages, posts, groups or contact which has any link with the word “Sachin Tendulkar”.
You are willing to list people, so click on People and find the profile name instead of pages and click on the friend name and same as earlier new window will pop up for the friend profile. Search Friend name in Facebook
Like seen below on his profile click to message and drop his private message, simple and easy. Send Facebook Private message to unknown person

Note – Facebook can have multiple Fake profiles so make sure you are communicating with the right person else maybe you will be messed while communicating with the wrong person or maybe a fraud.

The above sample profile I have taken is just for educational purposes only it is not real but still exists on Facebook.

It seems like you got an idea of ​​how to send a private message on Facebook if you are using the desktop or accessing Facebook using web application.

Send Private Message on Mobile Facebook Profile

Sending a message using the Mobile app is not like using Facebook on the desktop web application.

To do so the prerequisite is to have a Facebook Messanger App installed on your mobile.

Install the Facebook mobile app and sign in using the same credentials.
Find the number of friends in your friend list by navigating to Three Horizontal lines on the top right corner -> Click to view profile -> It will get you your home page.
Scroll down and click on Friends who will open all friends list.
Simply search with Friend name and click on the Friend profile name and it will navigate to friend profile home page.
Below your friend Profile photo, there will be an option for “Message” just click that it will auto navigate to Facebook messenger.
If facebook messenger is not installed, it will ask you to install that first and then in messenger, you will have the same chatting window as in WhatsApp or desktop Facebook.
There you can add the pictures, send audio messages, emojis or thumbs up symbol as part of communication.
Send message in Group Chat on Facebook
Group chat is the way multiple people can connect in a commonplace and discuss their thoughts ideas or suggestions.

This is a kind of private chat only but where multiple people participated in a commonplace.

Let say for common business or discussion purpose you need more than 2 people to come and share their ideas on the common ground than a Facebook personal message on Group chat is the best option.

Open a first private chat between two people you can add to other friends and for that simply in opened chat window you can click to Setting–> Create Group

Open the chat window with at least one person.
Click on the Setting icon on the top right corner.
Chose option Create Group and a search bar open to add people.
Search for friend name and click done
how to group chat in facebook

Messages sent in the group chat will remain private among the group of people and be visible to anyone else.

Sending Private Message on Facebook
Facebook is among the most popular social media and at any time you can send message to any user free of cost.

But there are a number of fake or duplicate accounts of the user as Facebook does any KYC and that cause people are making multiple accounts for different reasons.

Opening a personal chat window is the only way to send a private message from Facebook and in the same window if you want to add multiple people as a group chat.

For mobile users make sure to install facebook messenger as it is the need to send the message and in desktop no special requirement.

Try the above method and let us know your experiences how your chatting is going on.


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