How To Upload Custom Template To Blogger [2020] Updated

How To Upload Custom Template To Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging platform that allows the user to write blogs and also add a custom domain as well. Also, is has various collection of themes that makes your blog more professional. But only the themes available in blogger is not suitable. You can get free as well as paid blogger templates that make your blog more stunning, professional, engaging and provides more value to your content. Here, I found that people have still confusion regarding how to upload a custom template to blogger. So, in this article, you will find step by step guide to upload free custom template.


Step by step guide to upload free custom template

To upload custom template to blogger, you need to download or purchase any templates at first. You can find free blogspot templates.1. Sign in to your blogger blog. If you do not have any blog, create one blog.

sign in to your blogger account

2. After you login to your blogger account, go to the Theme Setting Option in your left side. There you will get option as Backup/Restore. Click there to Upload Custom Template To Blogger.

Blogger Theme Setting
Blogger Backup and Restore

3. Now, you should download your theme because you can use it to restore your theme in case of any error comes while uploading a custom template to blogger.

Download Theme Backup and Upload Custom Template to Blogger

4. Then, Click on Choose File option to Upload Custom Template to Blogger.

Choose XML File

5. Then CHoose the XML File of the Blogger Template you have downloaded. You can see the extension of the file as .xml

Choose XML File Of Your Blogger Template

6. Once, the template is selected from your computer, the file name is displayed. Now, you can click on Upload to Upload Custom Template To your Blogger. If the template has no coding error, then your custom blogger template gets uploaded.

Upload Custom Template To Blogger

7. Also, you can copy the template code and use it to your blog as well. For that, you need to go to Edit HTML option in Theme Setting.

Blogger Template Edit HTML

8. Now go to your computer. Right-click the XML Blogger Template file and click on Open with Notepad.

XML File open with Notepad

9. Then copy the complete Template Code by Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C. Or you can select all code with your mouse click and copy it by Right Click and Copy.

Copy Blogger Template Code

10. Again come back to your HTML Edit Page in blogger and paste the Blogger Template Code you have copied from the notepad.

Blogger Template Code

11. Also, you can preview the look of your blog by clicking on Preview Theme or you can save the theme directly by clicking on Save Theme.

Saving Blogger Template Code

12. If you do not save the Template Code and only Preview the Theme, it is not saved. So, if you want the particular theme, do not forget to save it after you Preview the theme.

Preview the Blogger Template


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