So what happened to the JFK Killer?

The JFK Killer is one of many conspiracy theory theories that has circulated regarding former president John Farreneheit. Kennedy. Several variants of this particular conspiracy theory have been written and have possibly become the subject material of books, real estate speculations, tv shows and numerous additional mediums. Nobody can certainly verify exactly who was responsible for the murder or perhaps why, yet there are many theories. Some say it was either a Mafia-related hit or perhaps it absolutely was carried out by the CIA following Kennedy’s loss of life. Others believe Lee Harvey Oswald was your assassin as well as a number of Cuban agents which were planted inside the crowd during the tough.

Some declare Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact anybody that killed John Farrenheit. Kennedy. He was supposedly a petty arrest who had various run-ins along with the law and was involved with many different scams to fund his illegal actions. However , there are many people that still assume that it was Lee Harvey Oswald that dragged the lead to and put to sleep the president. There were rumours circulating at the time that claimed that he had Mafia relationships together many accomplices but not any concrete research was ever before found to support any of these theories.

After the death of director John Farreneheit. Kennedy, Barrica became a communist land and the federal government installed a communist master, Fidel Castro. It seems that metric scale system were willing to support Castro’s leadership, thinking that he’d bring order and serenity to Tina. That is why so many Americans had been upset the moment Castro took over the US Charge in Havana and shut down all of the embassies right now there. Many Americans assumed that Fidel Castro was just another “tycoon” and having been arrogant together nothing to deliver Americans except utter damage. Many Americans were not happy with his rule as well as some went to the streets chanting “Castro Out! inches


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